Apply for the Young Men's Rites of Passage 2024

Who are the Rites for?

The Rites of Passage are an empowering and transformative experience that holds immense importance in the lives of young men. They are designed to help these men navigate the challenges of moving into adulthood, build character, and develop the skills necessary for a successful future. The event focuses on personal development, leadership, and fostering a sense of community among these individuals.


The Rites are most appropriate for young men aged 18-28 who are ready for a challenging and potentially life-changing experience. Individuals committed to their betterment, in how they show up in the world and contribute as they continue on the journey of life.


It is important to be in good health and have a basic ability to move around in nature. We believe it’s best if you approach this experience as a lone seeker. You may come with friends but expect to be assigned to a group where you will be anonymous and start from zero together with your group. (You will actually find this to be an advantage)

What is the cost?

The cost of the RITEs is 595 euro for the four nights/five days, and includes all your meals. The event is hosted by a team of volunteer men, the price aims to cover running costs. Also, we never want to turn away anyone over money. A limited bursary fund is available to contribute to the cost of attendance for men who will otherwise struggle to afford it. If that includes you please apply below and we can discuss further.

Have a chat with us!

We are delighted you are interested in the YMROP. Please choose a time/date that suits you to have a 30min Zoom call. It’s an opportunity to have any questions you might have answered and it allows us to get to know you a bit better. Look forward to connecting with you then. If a suitable time isn’t available, drop us an email, we can organise something that works!


Or start your application today!

We are delighted you are wanting to attend the YMROP. Submit your details below and we will be in touch shortly to arrange a Zoom call to answer any questions you may have and to get to know you a bit better. Look forward to connecting with you then.


Best wishes,

YMROP Ireland Team.


Note- Places are limited and Registration closes on 30th of June 2024. 

YMROP is designed for men 18-28. If you are slightly older we can discuss.

Regarding Health and Wellbeing

As a one-off personal development event, the RITEs (or YMROP) are designed to be challenging on multiple levels. Participants will need a certain level of physical mobility to camp and navigate with relative ease in nature. The event can be quite introspective, presenting emotional and psychological challenges that are a healthy part of personal growth.
The event is not a substitute for therapy or other medical treatment or diagnosis. If you have any physical or mental health concerns about participating, please contact your healthcare provider. While some team members may have experience with mental health challenges, please note that we are unable to provide dedicated mental health support or expertise.
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